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This new park in Eagle River has facilities where you can exercise, play casual sports, congregate with friends, and hold special events in open or sheltered spaces.

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Park amenities

This seasonal daytime park features

  • A pavilion (1500 sqft )with seating, modern restrooms, and a drinking fountain 

  • A stage for events (400 sqft) behind the pavilion

  • Two picnic areas with great Lake Superior views 

  • A graveled path (1000') for walking/running

  • A fenced dog run

  • Swings, slide and bars plus an historic merry-go-round

  • A tennis/pickle ball court with basketball hoop 

  • Two 15 car parking lots so you can enjoy the park and explore  nearby attractions on foot

  • Fields with basic facilities for family soccer, horseshoes, volleyball, Frisbee golf,  baseball or football (BYOE)

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Private Events

The Community Building (Township Hall), Pavilion and Park are  facilities are available for rent.

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Community Building



No upcoming events at the moment

Park News

Park history and the latest plans and updates

A history of Houghton Township Square Park

The two acre field surrounding the community building (township hall/Eagle River School) was an  open field for a long time. A tennis court was constructed north of the building in 1939. Playground equipment was added west of the building a few years later. The field east of the hall remained open except for temporary  baseball fields in the northeast corner. and a stage for the 1961 centennial. 
In 2018, the township lost control of one of its other parks in Eagle River.  In response to that loss, a recently-retired native of Eagle River offered to fund a new park to replace and enhance the lost park’s facilities. Following extensive planning and discussions, the township and donor agreed to build the new park in the township square using a design that would preserve the historic look of the buildings and the open character of the field. Constructions started in the summer of 2019. The pandemic slowed progress but  90% the park was open in 2021. We will complete the original park plan in 2022.


Summer 2021

Two years later the park was 90% completed.


Plans for 2022

The park and pavilion restroom facilities will open to the public on 30 May 2022.
Finish the stage north of the Pavilion
Add three park benches
Install an active digital display in the pavilion
Finish the perennial gardens
Improve soccer, disc golf and volleyball


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