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The township square park is dedicated to those pioneering families whose new world lives started in Houghton Township and whose progeny continue to reside in, or visit Keweenaw. Many of those pioneers are in the Evergreen cemetery south of town.

You are welcome to visit them.


Pioneering families remembered


email us to add your ancestors

Here are some of our ancestors who came to, or were born in, the Houghton Township area in the 19th century.

Building the new park

A community effort

Park update 2021 news.jpg

Funding and planning

Joan and Dan Steck are the principal donors of the Houghton Township Square Park. The Portage Health Foundation awarded a grant to enhance the park's accessibility, sports fields, and exercise path. Houghton Township administers the funds, provides administrative oversight, and maintenance.
The park and pavilion were designed by Dan working with the township board and the Park Advisory Committee (Tom Hall, Jim Huovinen, Mel Jones, Dave Schumacher, Jack Treganowan, James Vivian Jr.)



We have a good group of people in Eagle River who are willing to volunteer their expertise and labor. Here are some of those who helped with assembling picnic tables, landscaping, and dog run construction.
Thanks to John Deal, Tom Hall, Rodger Kershner, Mel Jones, Tim Olson, Dave Schumacher



Thanks to (Chris) Raasio Contracting for building the pavilion. Eric Harjala (on the roof) was the carpenter whose excellent craftsmanship, modifications, and attention to detail were were critical to the successful completion.  He was presented a "master pavilion builder" plaque by a local resident impressed with Eric's work.
John Hendrickson installed the septic system, paths and parking lots. As usual, his work was top notch.

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